Mr. Hue finally comes to life

Well, sort of.  I have not sold the movie rights, at least not yet. But as promised, here’s the result of the last Crash Test Drafts event. Note that the actor had just one hour to rehearse the monologue, that’s why he has the text in his hand.

If anyone lives in Melbourne, I highly recommend connecting with Crash Test Drafts on Facebook, either as a writer, director or writer. I have learned a lot from the judges’ feedback, and surprisingly most of it from the feedback given to other writers. The one bit of advice that really stuck with me was that we as writers have to make the reader care about what’s happening to the characters, care about what they are going through, and why. Elicit a response. The most intricately plotted novel would fail with flat characters.

The next Crash Test Drama event is on 3 June, so there’s still time to submit your play or excerpt. And if you are not in Melbourne, why not start your own?

Next on my list of promises was a stand-up routine. I have not done that yet. Because I’m scared, that’s why. But I will.


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6 responses to “Mr. Hue finally comes to life

  1. Good luck! Glad you learned from the experience.

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  2. I just read a great article about fear. The gist of which is: see what questions fear wants you to ask, ask them, and then move forward.
    Example: I am afraid of jumping out of an airplane.
    Q1: Would I make a good pancake? No
    Q2: What can I do to avoid being a pancake? Find someone I trust to pack my shoot.
    Q3: Is that really even safe? Maybe, I’ll look up statistics on it.
    Etc, Etc, Etc. Break a leg!

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  3. looks like a great activity. Will try to organize something like this in Lahore.

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