Storyteller UK competition and why Shizzle, Inc is no longer free

UPDATE: please note that the book has to be published between 20th February and 19th May 2017, so Shizzle, Inc is ineligible. However, I can still publish my collection of short stories (the prequel “This is Why”) by 19 May and enter it.

Shizzle, Inc is now back to $2.99USD, and it’s the Storyteller UK competition to blame. That, and partly the negative reviews that come from readers grabbing a freebie without even reading the blurb. Oh, and the fact that in June I’m going to pitch it to a dozen publishers and a $2.99 book may look better than a free one. Lastly, because I will try to get Bookbub for the US and hope discounting a book to free temporarily will get it more attention.

Wait, slow down, what’s that Storyteller UK competition you’re talking about? Glad you’ve asked! Let me take a breath…

Do you have a self-published book in Kindle Select and available in print format? Well then, if you just add “StorytellerUK2017″ as a keyword, your book will be featured in a list of entries to win a $20,000 pounds! That’s $24,936USD, at least at the moment. Interested? Then visit Kindle Storyteller page for more details. Hurry, it’s open only until 19 May 2017!

Good luck!


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15 responses to “Storyteller UK competition and why Shizzle, Inc is no longer free

  1. Olivia Barrington

    Smart thinking! Hope you win all that money. I will spread the word about the storyteller contest. Hope your not working too hard. How’s the new book coming along? Great I hope. Loved the tweets about that conference, soooo funny! 🙂

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  2. Thanks for letting me know about the competition! 🙂

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  4. OK! On to a new phase!
    BTW I just have to comment on this: “That, and partly the negative reviews that come from readers grabbing a freebie without even reading the blurb.” What kind of jerk grabs a freebie without even caring what it is or whether they’ll like it?!? I mean, really!! Stupid. Booo.

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  5. I’m tempted. I mean, who isn’t by the chance of winning so much money and a certain amount of acclaim? In theory, I could get my next novel published by then, but my mind is made up — I’m going to abandon self-publishing for a while and have a go at submitting it to traditional publishers. OK, some will say that my choice is foolish and is akin to chasing rainbows, but I believe in this novel (an adult one this time, and the 5th one I’ve written), so am going for it and seeing what ensues.
    All the best with your publisher submissions, Anna, and with the Amazon competition.

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  6. PS to my last comment.
    Sorry, Ana, I spelled your name wrong, as I’ve just been working on my novel this afternoon and my main character is called Anna. My huge apologies to you.

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  7. I thought the contest was only for books recently published. Am I mistaken???

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    • Hi Patricia, yes, you’re right – that’s why I put the update up the top. I jumped the gun, but happy with my decision – have already sold a full priced copy since.


  8. Liz

    Sorry to hear about the reviews but hooray to no longer free! I got my worse reviews after a Bookbub as well and I hear that it happens. Will check out the StorytellerUk link and good luck!

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