The very latest cover series mockup

Thank you so much for all your comments! I have obsessed some more over the photos and composition, downloading mo less than forty fonts and a fewΒ dozen cityscapes and curvy women in beautiful dresses. I pushed and tugged the rip this way and that, and I am now excrutiatingly close to being done with it. As per usual, I’m not so sure about the fonts, although I think the title font is now the best I’ve managed to find in three days of going nuts with 1001(literally!) The author/series name on the first one is exactly the same as title, only not in capitals. The third one has much planer author/series fonts.

As per usual, I’m not so sure about the fonts, although I think the title font is now the best I’ve managed to find in three days of going nuts with 1001(literally!) The author/series name on the first one is exactly the same as title, only not in capitals. The third one has much planer author/series fonts.

What do you think? And thank you in advance πŸ™‚

All three books together 29 May


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40 responses to “The very latest cover series mockup

  1. I like the middle one for your name and subtitle. I don’t like any of the fonts for the main title. I rather liked the original shizzle cover title, if that makes sense.

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    • Yes, somebody else mentioned that they liked the script. I just couldn’t find one I liked. Maybe I will have more of a look – I have till the end of June to finish messing around with these.

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  2. Z.

    I really love the fun of these covers! The composition is really well done, and the “tearing” theme weaves them all together very well. Professionally put together covers that speak well of the content within!

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  3. The covers look good, very good, actually have a good professional look to them. If I’m picky I’ll say I don’t like the font for your name on the first cover, as it’s already need said, it looks good on cover 2, but that is just my opinion :).

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  4. Angela

    These covers all look amazing! I have to agree that the middle one looks the best in terms of your name and subtitle though I like the cohesion when taking into account the title, the author name and the sub in the one on the left. That’s just me though πŸ˜›

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  5. I really like the continued concept, but would like #2 to have the female/male body split of the other two. I like the font in #3 for the name and subtitle, but the title is lacking something. It’s comedy, but not slapstick, so the script of the original title gave it a veneer of classy that Isa is so desperately trying to portray. (Loved the book and just got my review for it up this weekend.)

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    • Was your review by “Amazon Customer”? Thank you!

      Title in #3 is a placeholder for now, as I’m not ready to reveal the actual title just yet.

      I have tried a number of scripts, and it just did not gel with me – in the end, it’s just a gut feel. I’m glad to see that most popular books have multiple title versions, so I reserve the right to have a go at it next year πŸ™‚

      In the second one, the antagonist is female, but I’m thinking of bringing back the sari, for greater contrast.


      • Yeah, and I guess I should change that.
        Sorry, I understood title #3 was a place holder, just didn’t like the font. Good luck on finding the right one for you. πŸ™‚
        The second book has a female antagonist? Ok, that makes much more sense. Happy writing!

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      • Thank you again – I was flying high when I read it πŸ™‚

        In going to set the designs aside for a week and come back with fresh eyes – it works for editing. So hard to commit to one choice…


  6. mandibelle16

    Liked the original cover for your first book. But # comes across more visually balanced and appealing. Both the font and the picture are good.

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  7. mandibelle16

    Sorry # 1 I meant to say.

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  8. Great to see these after all the hard work you’ve put into them over the last few days. They are really looking amazing, well done! I think you’ve got it spot on with the title fonts – the time you spent on 1001 fonts was worth it for sure. They are clear, punchy and fun. The author and series name fonts are all looking good to me. You can’t go wrong with a simple font as used in #3 as it sits subtly alongside the primary font, but as I said before, the other two also work well.

    Well done again on these designs. I agree with other commenters that they look professional and are a creative, well thought out idea.

    Rebecca x

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  9. WOW! Well done with your latest mock ups! Main title is looking brill. I prefer the font/colour for series title & author name on book 3. Mysteriously, I miss the sari in Indiot. Bravo for all your hard work!

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  10. They look great! The rip with the red background is a real winner. (Personally, I miss the individuality of the title fonts as you had them before – the gold, the light bulbs – but that’s just me.) The series/author fonts: I like #1 best because it is very readable, and slightly comical, quirky and odd – like the heroine and her life. #2 is harder to read because the letters are taller. #3 is fine, but why be normal when you can inject a little bit of fun that suits the nature of the series? Good luck!

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  11. By the way, I just went back to look at your previous post and realised that the new covers are so much better! I love the city skylines in the background and the fact that you lost the window frame behind the first one – they really do look much more like a series now. Well done!

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  12. Love the design and continuity of your covers. Like the woman lower-half of body in Indiot. Prefer your name to be in the more serious typeface on book #3 while all of the other typeface lends itself to humor (if a type-face can imply humor!) very best of luck!

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  13. I love the changes you’ve made! The “tearing” is perfect and your name can be easily read now πŸ™‚ The fonts are pretty good but could definitely be messed around with a bit. I love how professional they look πŸ™‚


  14. olivia barrington

    You have worked really hard on this, my dear and it shows. I like all the fonts on #2 except that I think the series font is too large needs to be smaller like the other two covers because it takes away from the title and your name. I liked the sari on the bottom better, too. Also liked Indiot in diamonds better, too. Try dotting the i with a diamond in Indiot. I understand totally what the concept your going for and see the cohesion in what your doing. Just to be truthful, I don’t like the title fonts they seem clunky and over bearing to the rest of the cover. It fits to Shizzle but Isa is going on different adventures just seems like the title should fit the different adventure but all that matters is what is in the book. Once you read the book you forget about the cover or at least I do. I liked the 1st Indiot cover when the diamonds were on the band. This is just me and my taste. They do look great, just not my cup of tea. Your hard work does show and as a fan of yours I appreciate it and respect your vision for your books. So #2 is my pick. Hope your getting some rest so your brain doesn’t turn to mush!

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    • Thank you, Olivia! Dotting the I with a diamond is a great idea πŸ™‚ I might need to put this away for a couple of days and come back to it with fresh eyes…


      • olivia barrington

        I have to ask, aren’t you publishing your 2nd book yourself? If so who are these Branding and Marketing gods you speak of? I thought the reader was the one you needed to attract and get to buy your book. I’m sure it has to do with one of your charts and numbers that I don’t know about telling you what sells are made this way but I’ve seen and read so many series that have went on thru 5,10 or more books and each cover was different and that was was something I enjoyed and looked forward to each time it was published. It’s just that your so talented at the covers and limiting yourself to one style seems like your cutting yourself off at the knees. This is just coming from a reader who actually buys your books, having it the same (Isa on the cover) but the rest different would intrigue me to buy it knowing the story inside would be somewhere different, something different happening. Reader’s are aware that it is still part of the series by the series title at the top and the description given for the book that’s posted and all the publicity it’s given. To be noticed by Hollywood and publishers you can’t be the same as everyone else you have to be different, standout above all the rest and that my dear Ana is YOU. I started following you on your blog because you stand out from all the rest I have read. Your brilliant, inventive, intelligent, talented and relentlessly motivated like no-one else I have run into in the writing arena or else where. I just think you should show your talent. I remember you getting a mention on your 1st cover on a site that did just that picked top covers. Would that happen again if the 2nd one looks almost the same? I stand behind you no matter what, I just have a gut feeling that the covers should be different. You know I wouldn’t say anything if the feeling wasn’t so strong. I just think you had it right to begin with. Don’t be mad for me speaking up but I felt like I had to. I’m just trying to be honest with you. πŸ™‚

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      • Thank you, Olivia – how could I be mad? πŸ™‚

        It’s exactly because I’m publishing myself that I’m experimenting with things, especially when it comes to marketing. It’s probably likely that I will have another go at a redesign in a year or so, when I have a couple more books in the series, and know a lot more about the business. For now, it’s all about experimentation and self-education…


  15. Let me start with the fact that I like original cover better.
    If I had to choose here I would go with fonts on the third book, for everything. Fonts on the first book, are awkward and sloppy instead of playful and cheeky.
    The second cover suffers the same.
    The third cover comes across as a balance between prim and playful.
    Does that make sense?

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  16. #1 is much better without the window panes.
    #2 I think the sari is necessary, to make your humorous play on words in the title clear at first glance.
    Personally, I think the fonts should be uniform for the title across the series, as it should be for your name (apart from the colour having to be different for your name in #2 because of it standing out against the sari).
    Having said all this, you’re darned good at book covers and they’re fine as they stand, if you’re sick of making changes.

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    • Thank you, Sarah πŸ™‚ A little sick right now, but will have another go in a couple of days. Sari is definitely coming back, and the title font will stay the same across, although I might try a few more choices…the next edition will be the final one, at least for this calendar year πŸ™‚

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