Demystifying Amazon Giveaways

Of all the marketing tools, Amazon giveaway is one I have not yet tried. One of the reasons for it was that at the time I last checked, you had to give away a physical copy, and I doubted that the ROI would be worth it.

Turns out that you can now give away a Kindle book – and not only that, you will get the royalties back! Read on for the step by step details…I know I will be trying it as soon as my current Free Days are over.


The real one bounces The real one bounces

Amazon got into the “giveaway” business about a year ago, and they have been tweaking and tuning and changing them ever since. As a result, any research you do on whether they are a good promotional tool is going to turn up a lot of outdated information. If it isn’t Spring 2016 as you read this, then consider this post outdated too. Go look for a better source.

One of the recent changes was allowing you to give away Kindle books. That seemed like an interesting new approach to raising awareness. If you follow this blog, you know awareness is the only problem you have as an author promoting your books. But there are so many questions! So for the past couple of weeks, I’ve been sciencing the fuck out of these giveaways, to try to get some answers.

How an Amazon Giveaway Works

You start…

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  1. awesome article. thanks for sharing

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  2. So far it’s only available if you’re in the US I think. (I tried it and my account is in


  3. That’s pretty cool 🙂

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