And the winner of the free cover design competition is…

…Amir Ghazi of World of Horror! Let’s hear it for Amir, whose pitch entitled The Nightmare gathered an amazing 527 votes!

vote results

Just to remind you again, this was Amir’s winning pitch:

The Nightmare by Amir.H.Ghazi

When fourteen-year-old Allen Foster is diagnosed with parasomnia, a sleep disorder evoking vivid nightmares, he begins journaling each haunting dream on the advice of his psychiatrist, keeping the notebook safely hidden in a floorboard β€” that is until a new family moves into the Maine house. When Rita, the daughter of the new owners, discovers the book and begins experiencing Allen’s old nightmares, she tracks him down in an effort to rid herself of the misery, only to find he has no memory of writing them.

You can read other pitches on Who will win the free cover design? or the original post.

Thank you again to all who have participated, either by submitting a pitch or by voting for your favourite. I will run another contest in August – if you’re interested, sign up for my Don’t Miss It list (see the banner on the right).

I now have the difficult task of reaching deep down, switching my brain from the usual jokey mode, to produce the creepiest and most striking cover this book so justly deserves.

Wish me luck!


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17 responses to “And the winner of the free cover design competition is…

  1. Oooh how did I miss this?
    Congrats to the winner! : D

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  2. Good luck… and congratulations to the winner type person!

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  3. Excellent. I voted for Amir. Am looking forward to seeing the creepy book cover you come up with, Ana!

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  4. Sharon Gerdes

    Thank you for doing this Ana! Congratulations Amir. Your book sounds amazing.

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  5. Congrats Amir! Your synopsis rocked! Can’t wait to see your cover.Okay, so I held my own spot in 5th place. I have some work to do. Thank you, Ana for having the contest and offering such a great prize.

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  6. xxalkos

    Reply #1 Do I get in any trouble for thinking that you have it within yourself to make creepy book covers?

    Reply #2 Multifaceted, multitalented Ana Spoke is en route to adding her latest endeavor to her success folder.

    I vote for #2

    Good Luck!

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  7. olivia barrington

    Congratulations Amir! I really liked your pitch. Can’t wait to read your book. A BIG thank you to Ana for having the contest it was inspiring! I can’t wait to see what freaky, creepy cover you come up with for Amir’s book. May it become a best seller!! I look forward to your next contest. Still working on the bookstores!

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