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Why dream about tomorrow, when you can live it today?

I’m about to do something completely insane. I can’t believe it, but here it is:

I’m going to take six months off work.

It’s only seems insane, of course, because of my Soviet childhood (constant poverty) and American young adulthood (poverty during student years, replaced with “work like hell till retirement” mentality). Australians actually tend to take a gap year almost as a rite of passage into adulthood – travel the world and all that.

I’ve done the calculations – I can afford the bills, because I have a month of vacation and two months of “long service leave” accumulated. (Again, apologies to my hard-working American friends – I never knew of the long service leave concept until I moved down under). The plan is to turn three months of paid leave into six months of half-pay. There will be just a bit of travel, with already booked pre-honeymoon in December and a “proper” honeymoon in May, but otherwise it will be a 40-hour a week writing dream. The plan is to “try out” this writing gig full-time – write two sequels to Shizzle, Inc and really see what it would be like to work as an author.

I don’t know what will happen at the end – maybe I’d find that I miss the office and will come back with a vengeance, ready to climb the corporate ladder. Or I’d learn to appreciate the financial peace of mind my current job provides. Of course, I secretly hope that with two more books under the belt I might get the fuel necessary to make the dream I committed to on 16 October actually possible. Regardless, it will be the longest ever break from office and an adventure into a parallel reality all of my own making.

My mind is made up. Now I just have to convince my manager that it’s a good idea…


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It can happen to you

It has not happened to me…yet. But something wonderful happened to my fiancé today. He had not one, but two dreams come true, in the space of about an hour. And that’s in addition to being engaged to me.

His first dream was about five years in the making. For some inexplicable reason, Josh has been trying to trade his safe corporate job for a career as a firefighter in the Metropolitan Fire Brigade. It’s dangerous, stressful and physically demanding, but at least it pays little.

I can sort of understand – in Australia firefighters are true heroes, what with the constantly raging bush fires. Then there’s a big red truck, sirens, suspenders and the sex symbol status. No wonder thousands of men compete for just a handful of jobs each year. The wannabies have to pass a barrage of physical, mental and psychological tests, one of which is endless waiting.

Josh has been waiting, patiently and not so patiently, since 2009. That’s like, a really long time. You can imagine his shock of getting a phone call just a few days ago, requiring him to take one last beep test. They must do this on purpose, to check just how badly one wants to be a firefighter. Who else would be willing to stay in peak physical fitness at all times and be available on moments’ notice?

Josh did, for five years. No wonder he passed the test, a gruelling 9.6, this morning.

Now imagine his shock at getting a missed phonecall while running the above mentioned beep test. Not that a missed call is all that surprising, but this one turned out to be from a recruiter, with an offer for an amazing new job, a big step up in his “regular” IT career. He’s been working on this goal for over a year. Fate must be a sadist with a sense of humour.

I’m not sure if he will choose the quiet joy of the desk job or the heroics of firefighting and getting adrenaline highs. But I am sure that he will never forget today, and neither will I.

Fairytales can come true – it can happen to you.

If you try really hard.

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