I got another BookBub!!!

Oh, it’s nice to be back out in the sunshine of possibilities and hope! And how could I not feel sunny after winning the equivalent of self-published lottery for the second time in 13 months! I was writing the “thanks to Arnold” post just a few days ago and mentioned that I have neglected my marketing efforts, one of which has been clockwork monthly submissions to BookBub. So I fired off another one, and when I got the email back I almost deleted it on autopilot before realizing that they have accepted Shizzle, Inc for another BookBub International Promo. The last time I had almost 6K copies downloaded over 3 days, vs BookBub’s own estimate of 2.5K. This time they are telling me that on 2 April it will be sent to 250,000 subscribes and they estimate about 5K downloads. All at the cost of $38! The only bummer that I am yet to get the coveted US mailout.

By the way, this means Shizzle, Inc will be free in all Amazon stores 1-5 April, so why not download a copy for yourself 🙂

I will let you know the results of this promo, this is just a reminder for myself and all to persist – set a monthly calendar reminder to submit to BookBub and just don’t give up. I have submitted Shizzle, Inc nine times before I got the first one and an additional eight times to get the second one.

Good luck!


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21 responses to “I got another BookBub!!!

  1. Tamara Kulish

    Yah! Congratulations!

    Peace, Tamara

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  2. Olivia Barrington

    Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy! 🙂 It’s so true when we start putting positive vibes out there things start happening. Persistence pays off and lifts the spirit. Congrats on BookBub,well deserved Ana! Keep up the good work! 🙂

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  3. Woebegone but Hopeful

    Well done you! All your efforts are paying dividends!

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  4. Congratulations on the BookBub! That’s HUGE! Just downloaded Shizzle, Inc., and am looking forward to diving into it.

    All the best!

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    • Thank you so much:-) hope you like it, people either love it or hate it. Can’t believe I got the second BookBub, although the result this time is only about 3.5k


  5. Awesome and congrats! I’ve been silently following you for a year now (sorry… I know that sounds creepy) and I appreciate all the insights into self-publishing and marketing. Just downloaded Shizzle Inc. Excited to read it 🙂

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  6. DUDE I JUST FREAKIN GOT APPROVED FOR A BOOKBUB AD!!! After I set up the price changes on amazon, I also applied to some cheaper book promo newsletter sites to try to maximize exposure—i got a slot secured at Fussy Librarian, and applied at ENT but have not heard back. Also signed up for some other free not guaranteed spots for smaller websites. Scheduled some tweets on hootsuit and made sure i have a blog announcement scheduled. Any other tips to make sure I climb the amazon rankings???

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    • OMG! THe US or international? CONGRATS! I would say try to stagger promos to keep the momentum going for longer, rather than one huge spike (which BookBub will do anyway). Also, are you advertising with the Amazon? I keep promising to write about it, and failing, but it has been great – you just have to experiment with the keywords. CONGRATS!

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    • Hey, let me know when you promo is and I will tweet about it. On the day, tweet at me and I will retweet. So happy for you 🙂


      • Dude I kept forgetting to come back to this comment. I thought WP would notify me of replies or something but it didn’t. Or I missed it. ANYWAY in answer to your question, US + International (except India). So USA, UK, AU, and CA. The deal is next week: Bookbub is supposed to go on 11/21/18. I also have an ENT promo happening during the week, as well as Riffle, and maybe some other ones I found that were free…I can’t remember which days but I did try to not get them all on the same day. I also have been running some AMS ads for a while now, which trickle some sales every week and I think tthat may have been a factor in getting me approved, as it keeps one of my category rankings up (not super high, but out of the bottom of Amazon’s void). So the book will be down to 0.99 on a US and UK kindle countdown next week, and because Amazon is stupid I will have to manually change the price for the CA and AU markets, which means i won’t be getting good royalties in those countries…but my target market is USA anyway so I’m not too broken up about it. Generally the kindle price is 2.99 but I am thinking after the week is over I may raise it to 3.99. I have actually been thinking about doing this for some time but just haven’t figured out the right time. If i’m getting any momentum from the promo I am hoping that will work out well. We will see if that is a good or bad idea i guess.


      • Omg, you will make a killing. I was only able to get free promos and even then made money

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      • update on the marketplace thing, looks like in order to adjust my CA and AU prices down to 0.99, I have to change my royalty rates to 35% IN ALL MARKETS. which super sucks. I don’t get why Amazon screws you this way. I might call them monday and see if I can get some kind of exception. Why don’t they just let me do a stinking countdown deal in any territory???


      • Are you not in KDP? With KDP it’s a promo and no change to royalty


      • Don’t waste your time trying to get an exemption


  7. I will try to remember to @ you but as you see I am not the greatest at remembering to Internet


  8. I’m in kindle select but I can ONLY run promos for UK and US, not CA and AU. I checked that, too, I asked to see if they would let me run a promo in CA and AU as well without changing my royalty but they wouldn’t let me. Perhaps that is different for an aussie writer, I don’t know. So in manually adjusting the prices for those two markets, I was forced to drop to 30 percent royalties or whateevr the exact # is. Anyways, I sold over 1,000 books the first day, only roughly 30 cents a book but hey, that’s not bad (the only thing is thining what I COULD have made if I had not had to change royalties, as the majority of sales were in US + UK). So I think so far sales have paid off my bookbub price. Sales dropped off a bit today but I have some other promos coming up this week that should kick them back into gear again. This morning I was #1 in the three genre categories and in the Top 100 overall paid (#84). I am sure my ranking has dropped since then, as I haven’t sold nearly as many books, but I don’t want to see what it is now 😀


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