Quick How-To: get 1,000 Goodreads followers with 5 minutes of effort

Have a gander at these here numbers: I now have 1,020 Goodreads friends!

Ana Goodreads stats

How did I manage this, you ask? Well, about a week ago, I had 200 friends, as a result of a year of giveaways (total of 8, which are also responsible for the staggering 2,424 of my books on people’s to-read shelves) and also because of two months of madness advertising #ComedyBookWeek. Then I discovered something most of you probably already know.

Goodreads lets you connect to your friends on other social platforms  en masse.

So, if you already knew that, then why didn’t you tell me? For those that didn’t, here’s how you can connect to thousands of your Twitter or Facebook friends with a few clicks (assuming you have thousands of Twitter or Facebook friends):

  1. On Goodreads, hover over your picture in the top-right corner. When a menu appears, click on “Friends.”
  2. Find this in the top-right corner of “Friends” page:                                        Ana Goodreads stats
  3. Click on each platform’s icon and send out invites by clicking on “Add Friends” button.

That’s it. Now they all will see your general updates, comments you’ve made in groups, and you can invite them to your groups or events. Like, I dunno, you can invite them to #ComedyBookWeek group. Just sayin’.

You’re welcome.


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23 responses to “Quick How-To: get 1,000 Goodreads followers with 5 minutes of effort

  1. thefensk

    Nice tip.

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  2. When I get some ‘friends’ I’ll make sure to do this. 😉

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  3. Just read the first few pages of your novel Shizzle – it’s good Anna. well written and engaging. Did you self publish?

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    • Thank you, Sam! Yes, I did, and I engaged professional editors. Really appreciate your comment – I get ugly 1-star reviews sometimes, and this helps me to keep it all in perspective 🙂


      • Hi anna – I’ll continue to read when I have time. I’m not sure it’s my kind of novel, but if it’s well written, has a gripping plot, isn’t full of extraneous froth or a hundred words when one would do – then it’s a good piece of work that’s taken a hell of a lot of effort and commitment. The first few pages suggested that it was !


  4. ktomsovic

    I’ve got to do more with Goodreads. So many social media platforms, so little time!

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    • True, and you don’t need to do them all. Just make sure your blog is linked, books are added, and questions from public are enabled. I do most with Twitter, and least with Facebook. I don’t get Instagram, so I’ve abandoned it.


  5. My concern with connecting all your friends from the other social sites, is Goodreads is owned by Amazon,and Amazon is Big Brother when it comes to reviews and your ‘friends’. They will not allow reviews by anyone who knows you. That is why so many reviews are being deleted, or never allowed to be posted at all. Just something to consider.

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  6. I wonder if this works in reverse? I desperately need Twitter followers so I can get into the high links followers and with the big boys. But I will follow the info above. Great to connect Ana as my comedy book has been met with amazement as people know me for writing adventure stories. Can you recommend some humorous book sites on FB? I honestly prefer writing funny stuff.


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  9. Shana Gorian

    Just tried this and it worked! Fantastic! Thanks Anna.

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  10. I really should get myself onto goodreads!! lol

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