#ComedyBookWeek Calendar of Events

UPDATE: THIS PAGE HAS BEEN SUPERCEEDED by the official page. Please visit http://www.comedybookweek.com to view the up-to-date list of events.





So wonderful to see everyone excited about the big event! I have started the list of links to what will be happening each day – if you have a post/review/interview happening during 16-23 July, please let me know in the comments below, and I will add it to the Calendar.

Dear book bloggers – please make sure your review is posted on the scheduled date, or advise me if you want the date moved. Once you have a dedicated URL for the post, please advise, and I will update the link (the links are currently generic to your blog).


C (the happy meerkat) review of Shizzle, Inc by Ana Spoke.

Matthew Drzymala’s interview with Ana Spoke.

FB group ‘Books and Everything’ interview with Russ Colchamiro.

Kirsty McManus review of Mind if I Come In? by  K.L. Phelps and interview with the author.

Barb Taub’s review of Must Love Ghosts by Ani Gonzalez.

Jam (Leaves et Livres) review of Do Not Wash Hands in Plates by Barb Taub.

FB group ‘Books and Everything’ interview with J.J. Green

Matthew Drzymala’s interview with Abby Vegas.


Rosa Temple’s interview with Ana Spoke, author of Shizzle, Inc.

C (the happy meerkat) review of Space Adventurer #1 by Carrie Hatchett.

FB group ‘Books and Everything’ interview with M.T. McGuire.

Matt Drzymala’s interview with MTM McGuire.


Rosa Temple’s review of How To Cook Up A Disaster by Rachel Elizabeth Cole.

FB group ‘Books and Everything’ interview with Frankie Bow.

Matt Drzymala’s interview with Portia Porter.


C (the happy meerkat) review of Do Not Wash Hands in Plates by Barb Taub.

Rosa Temple’s blog – guest post by Bernadette Maycock, author of It Started with a Snub.

FB group ‘Books and Everything’ interview with Scott Burtness.

Kirsty McManus review of Shizzle, Inc by  Ana Spoke and interview with the author.


Jam (Leaves et Livres) review of Can You stiff Your Divorce Lawyer by Portia Porter.

Guest Post by Susan Daffron on Rosa Temple’s blog.

FB group ‘Books and Everything’ interview with Jackson Lear.


C (the happy meerkat) review of Kingston Raine and the Grim Reaper.

FB group ‘Books and Everything’ interview with Isa-Lee Wolf.


BRMaycock’s Book Blog review of Maid for Love by Victoria Van Tiem


Ani Gonzalez will be reviewing KL Phelps(Mind if I come in), Leigh Selfman (Haunt Flashes),  Barb Taub (Null City #1), and Shizzle, Inc.

Ingenious Cat will review Kelpie Dreams.


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38 responses to “#ComedyBookWeek Calendar of Events

  1. Just to let you have mine again, Ana:
    Monday 18th July – Interview With Ana Spoke
    Tuesady 19th – Book Review ‘How To Cook Up A Disaster’ by Rachel Elizabeth Cole
    Wednesday 20th – Guest Post by B R Maycock
    Thursday 21st – Guest Post by Susan Daffron

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  2. Hi, the calendar looks great, hope it gets more filled in. Would you mind taking the S out of my name though, I tend to go by just C (don’t want to confuse anyone on my blog, lol) 🙂

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  3. Are we all doing GR giveaways, and would it be OK for all the bloggers put a widget to the giveaways, even if they are not reviewing the particular book?

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    • I have suggested doing GR giveaways mentioning the event, either starting or finishing during the event. I will certainly be doing one. I might do a post specifically on what to do on GR during the week, thank you, Portia.


  4. Jackson Lear

    Hi Ana, I’ll be doing an interview with the FB group ‘Books and Everything’ on the 21st of July at 9pm South Africa time (3am here, so … a fair amount of espresso will be needed). Looking forward to it!

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  5. Hi Ana I’m also doing an interview with Books and Everything. Mine’s on 17th July. Here’s the page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1563727073944331/


  6. I’d love to pick up a book or two for reviews. Can you pass me information on some books of the genre?

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  7. Hi Ana

    I’ve sent you your interview questions, I’m happy to take part in an interview with any of the participants, I’ll also run a story on my website tomorrow about #ComedyBookWeek

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  8. This is great, I am so excited to have squeaked in! GR giveaways sound like a really good idea so I’ll set those up. Also Books and Everything have contacted me, too, which is really exciting, and a bit scary. I only sent the books off today though so I don’t know if I have an interview or not yet. 😉



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  9. Hi Ana, sorry if this is controversial but I was wondering if the reviews have to be of authors that are taking part in comedy week? Thanks so much!

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    • Hi, this is a fair question – yes, the reviews have to be of the participating books. If you want to review a humor book that’s not participating – how about asking the author to join? The reason this is so, is that we will be cross-promoting the event, so it’s success depends on everyone pitching in to make #ComedyBookWeek viral.


  10. Hi Ana! That’s fine, I was also hoping to review Maid for Love by Victoria Van Tiem so whatever day you want to put me in for that is great! Thanks a million:)

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  11. I’m interviewing MTM McGuire on 18th and PortiaPorterEsq on 19th.

    More interviews when I get them, still got to find somebody to interview me yet! 😀

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  12. J J Green will be interviewed on my site on 20th July 🙂


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  14. Need to change on, JJ Green will go on my site on 23rd with her interview, not 20th. Not got anybody for remaining dates but still time yet 🙂

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  15. Gah! I’ve made an error. J J Green is 20th, apologies! 🙂

    Steve Vernon will be interviewed on 21st 🙂

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