Going down to Vietnam, gonna have myself a time!

By the time you read this here stream of consciousness, I will be on a plane or perhaps already in the exotic far-away lands. Vietnam feels like an odd choice for our pre-honeymoon, at least for me – having spent half of my life in the Soviet Union, and the other half in the US, I’m used to the stories about Vietnam being all about “smell of napalm in the morning” and “Charlies in the trees”. That was half a century ago, though, so things have changed – I’m going to spend two-and-a-half weeks in the lap of luxury, eating awesome cheap food and getting awesome cheap massages.

I’m hoping for an easy trip with aghm, a very budget airline…and that I don’t freak out the way I sometimes do, when it suddenly occurs to me just how ridiculous it is to be hurtling through theΒ air in a sardine can…

I’m also hoping to detox a bit from my addiction to social media, so I might be sparse and not answering comments as I usually do. I will try to stay true to form and post updates on the promos I got scheduled – if not on the blog, then at least on Twitter.

Please don’t forget to enter the free cover design contest or the free Goodreads giveaway – both end on 31 December. Otherwise, enjoy your various holidays, and see you in 2016!


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41 responses to “Going down to Vietnam, gonna have myself a time!

    • You’ll be glad you went to Vietnam. My experience is Hanoi and I love it. I’ve been lucky enough to visit my brothers family-in-law. The hospitality, attentiveness and generosity is great.The traffic is a revelation – imagine the chariot race in Ben Hur run with 100 times more chariots, at three times the speed and in all directions. If you don’t find crossing a city street exciting, you have iced water in your veins. Enjoy :0)

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      • Hope I love Hoi An a lot more than Ho Chi Minh – and you’re right about traffic. Imagine my fiance adding to the excitement by crossing a road with his eyes closed! He wanted to prove a point to me, but all he did was give me a heart attack…


  1. trE

    Safe travels and enjoy your stay!

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  2. olivia barrington

    Have wonderful pre-honeymoon trip but be watchful and careful over there while traveling. Enjoy exotic food and RELAX with those cheap massages while having Happy Holidays with your loving husband to be. ( who’s got the puppy while your gone?) Just got someone to buy your book today! Yeah! I’m entering both contests, so wish me luck. Merry Christmas early! Can’t wait to hear about Vietnam. Toodles!

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    • Good luck, Olivia! Thank you for spreading the word – you’re amazing!

      Puppy is back with my ex – we have a very amicable arrangement of sharing the dog, approved by Josh πŸ™‚ Much better than a kennel…


  3. Enjoy your trip! Looking forward to seeing what awesome insights you bring back upon your return.

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  4. While your there read “Up Country” by Nelson Demille.

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  5. As I write this, the sky is BLACK! RAIN is beating down on my window and the WIND is threatening to blow down my fence. So, I may be a teeny weeny bit envious of your jolly holiday πŸ™‚
    Have a great time. xx

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  6. Put me in your bag… I won’t take much of a space πŸ™‚ I wanna see Vietnam …LOL … Have Fun….n Merry Xmas in advance…. Alan

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  7. exiledprospero

    I grow some amorphophallus plants from Vietnam and would like to go there. But for the moment I will entrust you with the enviable task of scouring the Vietnamese jungle (which will entail side excursions, as most hoteliers have the good sense of building in populated areas) in search of rare and resplendent flora. Naturally I expect you to follow in the footsteps of Carl Linnaeus when naming new species. Latin binomial nomenclature is easy to learn (if you know Latin) and I am sure you will be elated at having mastered something new on your holiday-cum-botanical expedition. Make sure you are well vaccinated before you leave–jungles are fascinating, epidemiologically speaking, and often harbor the vectors of strange and unquantifiable diseases. Yet no matter how frightening these may be, they are mere annoyances compared to the perils of the publishing industry. Bon voyage, Ana.


  8. Enjoy it, Ana and see you (or read you) soon

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  9. One word of warning … don’t let anyone persuade you to undergo a foot massage there, which involves letting your feet be nibbled by little fish. A friend of mine came back from holiday and was ill for a few months due to that treatment.
    PS I wonder if Isa will be visiting Vietnam for one of her future escapades. Hope you have an old-fashioned notebook and pen with you.
    Wishing you a joyous time πŸ™‚

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  10. Have a great time Ana! I can’t wait to hear about it πŸ™‚


  11. Have a lovely time Ana. I would say to you to ‘switch off’ from everything Shizzle related …… but I know you won’t.

    I’m off to India on New Year’s Day, for a couple of weeks, and should do as i preach … but again, I know I won’t. I’ll b drafting out my next effort, ‘Soul Survivor,’ and possibly developing the idea for fictionalising (there’s obviously no such word, as it’s just been underlined in red on my screen) DAMP DOGS & RABBIT WEE.

    Have a fun break!



  12. awkwardlyirrelevant

    Oh my gosh have fun! Your blog is super cool by the way. You seem like a really interesting person πŸ™‚


  13. hcyip

    Hello. I think Vietnam is a great choice for a trip. I hope you’ll be going to Hanoi and Ha Long Bay.

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  14. Have a great time!! I’m anxious to read about your adventures!

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  15. Reblogged this on sherriemiranda1 and commented:
    Ana, be sure to let us know how your trip goes, what kind of food you ate, as well as any other details you think are fit to print.
    I am hoping to someday put together an anti-war anthology. When I was getting my MFA in Creative Writing, I put together an Introduction and story list with descriptions of each story, several of them were from the point of view of the Vietnamese soldier. At that time, I discovered that THEY called the Viet Nam War, the “American War.” Makes sense once you think about it.
    Anyway, I hope every part of your trip is great!
    Peace, love & harmony,
    Sherrie Miranda’s historically based, coming of age, Adventure novel β€œSecrets & Lies in El Salvador” is about an American girl in war-torn El Salvador:
    Her husband made a video for her novel. He wrote the song too:

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