Asked & Answered: On Books and Blogging

Stop #3 on the blog tour – an article by Cori Casner of Planned Preoccupation.

Thank you, Cori – very interesting format!

Ana Spoke  is a blogger and self-published author. I have been following her blog for over a month now, and have learned some great tips and tricks about blogging. The newest idea she shared was a blog tour.


Ana is promoting her new book Shizzle, Inc., and in an effort spread the good word she is doing interviews and guest posting on her follower’s blogs. Needless to say I jumped at the chance opportunity to interview her! Since Ana is in Australia and I am in the US we did the interview over email, which was another first for me.

“You Go, Girl!”

According to Ana, Shizzle, Inc. was born when she wrote a spoof scene of 50 Shades of Grey. The scene was about Isa, a young and dumb girl, meeting  an eccentric billionaire. She emailed that scene to her sister who found it hilarious and demanded more. At her…

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  1. Z.

    A blog tour? What an awesome concept. Another great article!

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