Author interview! Introducing Ana Spoke, author of Shizzle, Inc.!

Stop #2 on the blog tour – interview by Dr. Meg Sorick.

Thank you for channeling your inner Oprah, Dr. Meg!

Meg Sorick, Author/Artist

I am absolutely delighted to be one of the stops on the blog tour of the very talented Ana Spoke, fellow blogger and self-published author!


Ana’s debut novel:  Shizzle, Inc. has just been released on Amazon and you can find it here.  It has already reached #23 in the humor category!  It’s my privilege to welcome her to my blog for an interview.  Now, hang on while I channel my inner Oprah!

Ana, first of all congratulations on your sudden success!  Since you describe yourself as a writer moonlighting as a middle manager, how much of your work experience gave you material for Shizzle, Inc.?

Thank you Dr. Meg!  Fingers crossed it keeps going this way!  To answer your first question:  I think that it’s not only work – my life in general has been nothing but comedy material.  Over the last twenty or so years, I’ve moved countries…

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10 responses to “Author interview! Introducing Ana Spoke, author of Shizzle, Inc.!

  1. Z.

    Awesome interview!

    I especially appreciated your response regarding your journey through self-publishing. Very insightful. Very inspiring.

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    • Thank you so much, Z! It seems that with the changed times, it is almost an expectation that an author have a social media platform and a “proof of concept” in the form of a published book, before the behemoths take notice. The good news is, after you’ve self published you will be likely thinking “why do I need the behemoths anyway?” That’s what I was thinking watching “Straight outta Campton” – the guys were doing pretty good on their own before they signed up with a record company, and what did the agent do? Ruin their friendships and got them broken up. I say “nah” to that.

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  2. Hello, I intend to review Shizzle, Inc. on my blog. I would love it if you could send a media kit my way for the review. My email is Thanks! I laughed so hard while reading this book 🙂

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