Right on time

Just as my progress-tracking spreadsheet predicted, I finished my novel yesterday! Okay, so it ended up being 83.5K words instead of the originally planned 90K, but I finally wrote “the end” on the exact day Excel predicted over two months ago. Talk about the power of positive thinking, or “the Secret”, or whatever name you want to give the simple fact that if you have a plan (and stick to it), you will get the result you want.

I even made a quick cover by slapping the novel name across a photo of a nameless Internet girl that looks like my protagonist. Underneath I wrote “Bestselling debut novel by Ana Spoke”. Let’s see what the Universe thinks about that!

My sister (my Perfect Reader) is reading it now and just called to say that she loves the beginning and that she’s been laughing out loud. She also has some constructive criticism, but like Scarlett, I will think about it tomorrow. For now, I will just go back to staring at the mock up cover and imagining it becoming a reality a year or so from now.

Here’s to wishful thinking!

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