Dundee International Book Prize wants your first novel!

Something to brighten your day, fellow aspiring writers! How would you like to join the ranks of nine writers, who’s careers took off after winning the prize, or the 10,000 pounds, easily exchanged into your native currency?

If you said yes to one or the other, then have a look at the press release and make sure to submit your debut novel by 4 March! Good luck!


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3 responses to “Dundee International Book Prize wants your first novel!

  1. thenovelist

    I never use a comma before or after the conjunction ‘and’ and that’s just my style of writing. We follow some basic rules in writing, but we are free to be a bit artistic,so long as the work is readable and meaningful.

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    • Thank you The Novelist! I am trying to follow advice given to me by a sculpture professor a long time ago – people should see the subject of your sculpture first, and only then notice the material or technique. I think the same applies to writing – I would like the writing to be so readable that one hardly notices it and instead is immersed in the story…


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