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Post-launch update

Hi, everyone! Thank you so much for all the good wishes and support – and thank you triple to those who bought my book!!

It’s been quite a ride – the adrenaline rush of finally getting it there, the rush of checking and rechecking stats, details, replying to blog comments, and updating my family with blow-by-blow accounts of progress. I was so deep into the lala-land that going to work this morning was like waking up from a dream. And I wasn’t happy – if anything, these last few days proved to me that I want to be a writer and create comedies, not more spreadsheets and reports. It looks like Fate has the same idea, as I’ve already missed out on one of those two jobs I was so excited about, and it doesn’t look like I’m getting the second one either.

But enough about reality, let me have one more check of stats…here we go, the results of the first day or two:

  • Five books sold! And only two of those to friends or family – the other three bought in the US and Great Britain – thank you again 🙂 Here’s what the sales page looks like:

sales day 1

  • The initial sales rankings prove the importance of choosing just the right category for your book:

Sales rank - benchmark day 1

  • New record for the blog – 429 views in one day!

Screenshot (10)

I’ve also had a few issues/learned a few things:

  • Even though I’ve done page breaks, the text runs together, without any blank space to separate chapters. I’m not sure if this is actually an issue, or if that’s what ebooks look like (will have to check a few that are definitely not self-published). Also, I don’t have a real Kindle – how does it look on the proper Kindle device?
  • There was no need to worry about who the publisher would be – I’ve put Ana Spoke as a publisher, but it’s still “sold by Amazon Digital Services.”

Publisher vs sold by

  • The text lines in Kindle app are spaced too close for my liking – it seems that whatever spacing you choose in Word does not translate.

I’m so exhausted and emotionally wiped from the effort of this last weekend, that I could not bring myself to research any of those or attempt to fix them, but it’s a project for later on this week. Another project for this week is to create an author page and add a bio and a professional headshot – I have a photoshoot on Saturday with a friend who just happens to be a professional photographer. I will also post a review of Grammarly and results of my current marketing gimmick – stay tuned 🙂


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