Review – Shizzle, Inc.

Nothing better than waking up to a good review…thank you so much, Drew!

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Shizzle, Inc. by Ana Spoke

First things first, I’m not sure I would have chosen to read this if it wasn’t written by someone I follow on Twitter. Having said that, I did enjoy it.

The book is billed as the first in the Isa Maxwell Escapades series. To me, escapades is probably the best way of describing the events of the novel. Isa seems to stumble from one poorly thought out plan to the next in her quest to become famous and win back her shallow ex-boyfriend.

The fact that she doesn’t have much in the way of qualifications or talent doesn’t stop her applying for the position of personal assistant to Mr. Hue, eccentric playboy billionaire and head of the titular Shizzle Inc. The fact that she succeeds in getting the job and keeps getting promoted and given more responsibility for the company is as much due to her…

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