Marketing gimmick #4: submit your book to contests

Shizzle, Inc has been featured in The Book Designer’s ebook cover design awards! Ok, so I have not actually won anything, but the design was complimented as “striking” and “great attention grabber”! Not bad for the first attempt at a self-designed cover, aye?

ebook cover design awards

As a marketing gimmick, it has not worked – no impact on sales in its first day of being posted. But I did get some valuable feedback, which I will pass onto my paperback cover designer. Yes – I have started throwing more money at the problem. With the work getting crazy over the last couple of weeks, I have enlisted help in getting my book to the printed stage. Fingers crossed it goes well – I will post more details in just a couple of weeks.


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23 responses to “Marketing gimmick #4: submit your book to contests

  1. The cover is very eye-catching. I went to Amazon to buy one, but prefer paper books, so I’ll be glad to hear when it’s in paper form. Congratulations on the complimented cover design.

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  2. I would never have guessed you made this yourself. Very eye catching indeed.

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  3. I am absolutely rubbish with images and I’m very impressed. It’s very original. 🙂

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  4. The cover really stands out! I might check it out when it’s in paper version. I’m not a big fan of ebooks.

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  5. A good marketing gimmick is to leave comments on other people’s blogs. (like I am doing now)

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    • Haha, yes, it is, although again, I’m not convinced that social media is all that effective in selling books.


      • Ken

        I’m currently running my own experiment with social media. I put my book ‘Future Kings” up for free this weekend and I only ‘advertised’ with my social media accounts. I have only 9 followers on my blog and only 9 on my twitter, perhaps another 250 Facebook friends. I also took advantage of a bulletin board email account through where I work but that only had one day to soak in since I didn’t put it up until Thursday and we typically don’t work weekends.

        36 hours in and it’s been downloaded 356 times. These same avenues for a paid copy had generated only about 50 sales in the first few weeks.

        I totally agree that the social media angle is great for people who want free stuff, but not so sure if I had made it 99 cents. I’ll try some advertising in the next few weeks and let you know how that goes.

        Keep plugging on your second book, I have my second almost ready and by overwhelming majority the recommendations are that multiple titles is the best advertising you can get.

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      • Hi, ken – that’s really good! When I did a one-off free giveaway (no advertising, other than on social media), it got 139 downloads. Would love to hear how your $0.99 promos go.


  6. The cover is certainly eye-catching Ana. I’m following your journey with great interest. It’s very generous of you to share – all time consuming.

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  7. olivia barrington

    Congrats on such a good review for your cover! It’s not like you didn’t try to make your name stand out, just that downloading to Amazon wouldn’t let you do what you wanted so huge kudos to your first design and all your hair pulling hard work. It paid off! Maybe in the paper copy you can spice up your name and make it stand out so all will notice the name Ana Spoke. They’ll want to remember it, believe me you have what it takes. Glad you submitted it to that website it puts your book out there for more people to see. I looked at at other books on there that interest me so it will draw attention of other folks looking though especially being at the top of the list. Every little bit counts. Keep up the hard work you’ll hit that goal!

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  8. Good luck with create space or are you using lulu? I’m about to proof read my fiction collection, then the hard work begins.

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  9. Ken

    After my own experimentation, one of the things I’m finding is how painfully hard it is to stumble on my book without entering specific data such as the title or my name.

    I was wondering if you have the same results.

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