“Shizzle, Inc” by Ana Spoke on tour

The book tour continues in Helsinki, Finland! Thank you to Marco (and of course, the Internet) for making it possible 🙂

Marco Casteleijn

Available on Amazon Available on Amazon.com

Today is Tuesday, and instead of letting you know how my writing is going, I want to introduce you this week to a talented young writer who just published her first book. It is getting great reviews and if you love comedy (and who does not love to laugh) please go check it out on Amazon.

Ana is on tour, well not in person, like most of us she has a day job, so a virtual tour it is. I was curious how she did it, so she is letting us know how this writer thingy is working out. Please also visit her blog to get more behind the scenes of the glamorous life of an author (spoiler: it is not like the Hollywood kind-a-glamerous). I started this blog and my ‘book-thingy’ very recent, lets just say she is way ahead of me. Enjoy:

Marco: Awesome you…

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2 responses to ““Shizzle, Inc” by Ana Spoke on tour

  1. Congratulations on your book, Ana! It is a wonderful acccomplishment! I also appreciated your openness in describing your hard work and experiences with editing, Amazon, etc., thus giving much value to other writers. I wish you continued success! I’m glad to know you have started a sequel! Thank-you for your visit to my blog, and following. 🙂


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