Review of Shizzle, Inc. (Isa Maxwell Escapades Book 1) by Ana Spoke

Aaaah…Nothing better than waking up to find another 5-star review! Thank you so much, S.M. Lowry!

S.M. Lowry

FINAL COVER September 5 copy

Genre: Comedy, Women’s fiction


Isa Maxwell wants to be discovered. It’s a surefire way to win back her ex. She also needs a job. Lucky for her, the billionaire, Mr. Hue, is holding auditions for an assistant at Shizzle, Inc. The only problem is Isa has no idea what she’s doing in the world of business despite having somehow managed to graduate from community college. Through a combination of Mr. Hue’s stupidity and dumb luck, Isa manages to survive at her new job and even gains some new love interests. But Isa’s luck is about to run out.


So it was sometime in late May when, unemployed, half-starved and depressed, I glimpsed a sign of hope. I just found out that despite my best self-destruction efforts, I managed to graduate from Capitol Community College, so I was celebrating the news with a sixteen-hour TV marathon and a family-sized…

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    Congratulations, Ana! That’s terrific. 🙂

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