I need a deadline

Otherwise there will be a hundred cover versions! Good news is that I will have the final draft from the proofreader in just a few days, so the torture is almost over. For now, please join me in nitpicking on these:


I have decided to move away from the double-rip, the last version of which looked like this:

FINAL COVER rip version 1

Once again, I’d love your comments. If you’ve had enough, I completely understand and promise that this one will be the very last post about cover design. Ever. Probably.


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148 responses to “I need a deadline

  1. Hey Ana!

    Hope this isn’t too late, but I’m really feeling the bottom one, with the double rip. I also prefer the placement of your name better on the last one, with two different colors for your first and last name. I’m not a fan of the top two covers’ placement of your name– because of the window pane, it looks like your name is off-center, even though it may not be. That would bother the hell out of me every time I saw it.

    I’m not a huge fan of the fonts the word “Shizzle” is in for the top 3 covers, I honestly would dismiss the book based on the fonts alone, if I saw it in a bookstore. They look a little too… Chick-Lit-ish (sorry!). I quite like the font “INC” is in on the first cover, though, have you considered doing “Shizzle” in that font? Also, “INC.” looks more finished and polished than “INC”.

    Lastly, the businessman’s hands are quite meaty. I much prefer the hands from the previous covers you previewed, with the watch and all. Would you consider using a businesswoman for the bottom half of the cover? Or is the man a reference to something in your book? Haha.

    You said nitpick, and I definitely did… hope that’s alright. I look forward to seeing what you decide on!


    • Hi there, Darling Chay! I did end up going back to the double rip, partly because of so many people commenting about it, and partly because it helps to frame up the title. I am not finished yet, because I just. Hate. Every. Font. It has been the hardest, especially because I’m not allowed to download specialty fonts (work computer, ughm, don’t ask…).

      I’m hoping to have one more go this coming weekend and commit to something I can reveal as the “final”. Which will probably be “t-minus 20 versions”, but oh, well…


  2. Top one sells the story best. Good luck with everything.

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    • Thank you Jame! Anything in particular you liked about it?


      • Cleanest line between the male and female figures; the font was the most appropriate for a comedy; the location of the texts was the most straightforward. I felt number 4 with the ripped text was too much, although its boldness is an asset. You have to decide if the emphasis should be on the title or on the male/female image.

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      • Thanks again Jame! I have not finished the latest, but I am going back to the double rip specifically for the emphasis on the title. I am, however, changing to a more script font. Choosing the font is the hardest…


  3. I like the top one. It just seems to be more eye catching. Best wishes!


  4. HI Anna! Nice to know you, just starting to be active in blogging again after some time. I think I will go with the double-ripped one. It has most dramatic effect for the cover. And as I’m new here, can you tell me what this book is about? so I can have better view on which to go, thanks!

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    • Hi and thank you for your interest! I am actually going back to the double rip, so many people commented that it gives more emphasis on the title and creates that effect of “schism” (I think!) between the male and the female. The book is about a naΓ―ve yet street-smart 20-year old girl, who is obsessed with celebrity and fame. By sheer chance she gets a job as a billionaire’s right hand and…I’m not sure how much to reveal πŸ™‚ I guess I better start working on the promo blurb πŸ™‚


  5. I like the top one because of the type you used. Very eye catching! Terrific cover. πŸ™‚

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  6. It may be too late to comment on this – but I prefer the bottom one over all the rest. It seems more balanced to my eye. Personally I’m more attracted to that one.

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